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X5 Vac Pro

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A Complete Home Cleaning Solution in One Machine…

The X5 Vac™ Pro provides cordless convenience with superior cleaning on both bare floor and on carpet so you can use it almost anywhere in your home or office.

  • Hand-Held VAC Bagless, economical and Ergonomically
  • Dusting Vac with dome duster
  • Glass and hard surface cleaner
  • Spot and stain remover




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Completely Transform the Way You Clean!




Upright cordless

Upright Cordless

Super lightweight, powerful and easy to maneuver

Reach up high

Reach Up High!

Perfect for dusty ceiling fans or crown molding

Crevice tool

Crevice Tool!

Clean in-between cushions and cracks with ease



All Surface

Picks Up Any Mess From All Surfaces.

Inset-circles_UK Use it as a Stick Vac to clean everyday messes on the floors to dust on ceiling fans, a handheld for couches, countertops and cars.


X5 VAC™ PRO Great Accessories…

Perfect for tight corners

Designed to get messes no matter where they are!

For hard to reach places



Everyone Loves The X5 VAC™ PRO!

Testimonials from some of our satisfied customers!


“I spend way less time cleaning my home now. There is no cord, so I’m not unraveling anything, I’m not finding a place to plug it in, it’s really just; pick it up, do your thing, and put it down” – Amanda


“I can just grab it and go and just tidy up mess really quickly rather than pulling out the central vacuum” – Melissa


“I have crystals and family heirlooms and things that are important to me, so I really love the fact that I can use the X5 Dusting Dome without any fear of anything getting scratched or broken”. – Sheila


“We keep it close by so we can grab it anytime. Its ready to go and I can have a mess cleaned up in 10 sec. The convenience just doesn’t compare to any other cleaning tool.” – Tim


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