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H2O Vac Pro

A sprayer, scrubber, squeegee, and vacuum all in one. Pro clean all hard surfaces in your home.
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H2O Hook & Hold™

The MEGA Micro-Loop Towel. The Patented Cleaning Miracle that picks up any mess, wet or dry, and locks it in!
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H2O e3™ Natural Cleaning System

Supercharge the water you drink and the salt you eat into an all-natural, super cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing solution called S-Water™.
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H2O SteamFX™ Pro

This cleaning powerhouse combines a floor steam mop with a go-anywhere hand-held steamer for the ultimate steam cleaning tool.
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H2O HD™ Trial Offer

High definition cleaning & deodorising of floors, carpets, windows & more with this water filtered steam cleaner.
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H2O Mop X5™ Lite

Deodorise & Help Sanitize Floors, Carpets, Windows & More With This Award Winning 5-in-1 Steam Cleaning System
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