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The H2O X5™ 5-in-1 steamer!

Designed to thoroughly clean and help sanitize all the surfaces in your home without harsh chemicals. In seconds the powerful H2O X5™ steamer converts ordinary water into super heated steam cleaning power. Whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen, nursery or backyard grill or garden (simply direct steam onto weeds for a chemical free weed killer) - now you can GREEN CLEAN with Variable Steam settings that make the H20 X5™ steamer perfect for virtually any cleaning job. We know you'll love the X5 Steam Mop! Why? Because it is light, powerful, easy to use for perfect results and it's 5 appliances in one!! You get:
Floor Mop - The H20 X5™ steamer is a super maneuverable and light floor mop. The super hot, lab-tested steam loosens the dirt and grime while the microfibre lifts and locks it in. Set the steam to high for laminate and marble. Set the steam to low for a streak free shine on sealed wood floors. Or set the steam in between for tile, grout, ceramic and more!
Carpet Cleaner - The H20 X5™ carpet glider lets you easily remove stains plus it helps refresh and deodorize your rugs. You’ll never have to rent a carpet steam cleaner again.
Hand-Held Steamer – The H2O X5™steam mop transforms into the perfect hand-held steamer by clicking two simple buttons. It comes with the Jet Nozzle, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush. Now you have germ busting GREEN CLEANING steam in the palm of your hand. Remove the stink from your sink, blast off caked on gunk even in tight spaces and steam away bathroom mess you never want to touch.
Window, Mirror and Glass Cleaner – Attach the 30 inch extension hose to the H2O X5™ steamer to clean windows, glass and mirrors without leaving annoying streaks and smears. There’s even a dusting wand attachment that eliminates dust buildup on blinds, banisters and furniture.
Garment Steamer – No more ironing. The H20 X5 steamer with the included garment bonnet is a great time saver. Chemical free steam relaxes the fabric so wrinkles simply disappear. It also helps remove stains and body odors.

Sanitise and Make it Look New Again

It works on all surfaces for deep steam cleaning quick and easily and eliminates 99% of the bacteria with its supercharged steam! Choose any room and X-5 H20 steam mop makes everything look brand new without any effort, it’s that easy! It makes no difference what kind of floor you have because the X-5 Steam Mop works with slate, granite, sealed hardwood, laminate, carper, vinyl ceramic tiles, and marble, so you can clean your floors without the hard chemicals for a fresh shiny finish!

Works on all these floor types, counter surfaces and more!

The entire H20 X5™ 5-in-1 system comes complete with 11 bonus accessories. It also features a filter-free design so you don’t have to buy expensive replacement filters.


  • H20 X5™ steamer - Variable Steam, Filter-Free Design, Light Weight – Less than 5 lbs (2.25 kg).
  • Carpet Glider – Pyramid Shaped, Easy Attach Design
  • Extension Hose – Reinforced 32 Inch (81 cm), Built-in Hand Grip
  • Jet™ Nozzle – Easy Attach Design, Threaded Aluminum Spout
  • Nylon Brush Head – Threaded Screw-On Design
  • Wire Brush Head – Threaded Screw-On Design
  • Window, Mirror and Glass Attachment – Built-in Squeegee,
  • Duster Attachment – 360 Degree Vented Release, Easy Attach Design
  • Micro Fibre Pad – Machine Washable, Hands-Free Attach Design
  • Glass Coral™ Cloth – Machine Washable, Draw String Attach
  • Dusting Coral Cloth - Machine Washable, Draw String Attach
  • Garment Bonnet - Machine Washable, Easy Attach Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Warranty? All products sold by Danoz Direct come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults. Some products allow you to add extended warranties in the sale process.
Is there a Money Back Guarantee? Yes, we are so confident that you'll love our products that we offer a 30 day (60 days on selected products) money back guarantee on all our products. This allows you to try the product in your own home and, if for some reason you are not happy with you product, you can return for a full refund of the product price. Please see the Terms & Conditions for particulars
How long does shipping take? We aim to have the product to you within 7-10 days however this varies depending on the state you live in, postal delays etc. We advise you a absolute maximum of 28 days, though that is a maximum, most products will arrive within the 7-10 days.
If I select the payment plan how often am I charged? All part payments are charged monthly. Payments begin once your product is shipped.
What materials will the mop work on? Among many others, the Mop X5 will work on Tiles, laminate, parquetry, polished concrete, linoleum, vinyl, ceramic, slate, marble, granite and hardwood floors.
Can I add oils/cleaning agents to the mop? No, please do not add cleaning agents to the mop. You can put them on the floor and use the mop through them but placing anything other than water in the tank can cause damage to the elements inside.
How long is the power cord? The power cord is 6 metres long.
Where can I buy accessories? There is an accessories tab under the large picture at the top of the page. You will also be able to buy accessories in the sale process.
How much water does it take and how long does it take to heat up? The mop tank allows 400mls of water and it will heat up within 20-30 seconds.


Q.) What are the recommended uses for the H2O Mop X5?

A.)The H2O Mop X5 is designed to thoroughly clean floor surfaces, such as marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, linoleum, and sealed hardwood floors and parquet. Not all floor types are suitable for steam cleaning.

The heat and steam action may remove the wax on surfaces treated with wax. Do not use on unsealed flooring or let unit stand on any wood or heat sensitive floor for an extended period of time. This could cause the wood grain to rise, in addition to other types of damage.

When using on vinyl, linoleum or any other floor surface, test the H2O Mop X5 on a small isolated area of your flooring prior to overall use on any floor surface.

With heat sensitive floors, use extra caution. Too much heat can melt glue in the flooring. Use only on laminated flooring that has been laid professionally and without any gaps or cracks that would permit the entry of moisture.

Test the H2O Mop X5 on a small isolated area of your flooring prior to overall use on any floor surface.

Always check the use and care instructions of your flooring manufacturer or distributor before using the H2O Mop X5.

When in doubt, please consult a flooring specialist. Only use the carpet glider on carpeting and rugs. Use of the carpet glider on other floor surfaces will case streaking and possibly scratching.

This product emits steam and creates moisture. Water marks, discoloration or damage to the floor surface can occur if the unit is left operating too long in one place.

Q.) What type of water do I use?

A.) The H2O Mop X5 uses tap water. However, in areas with hard water, distilled water should be used for better performance.

Q.) What does my H2O Mop X5 come with?

A.) H2O Mop X5, 1 Micro Fiber Cloth, 1 Carpet Glider, 1 Slim Nozzle, 1 Nylon Round Brush, 1 Wire Brush, 1 Extension Hose attachment, 1 Window Cleaner/Garment Steamer attachment,1 Duster

Q.) Now that I have assembled my unit, how come I am not getting any steam?

A.) Once the unit is assembled, fill the water tank and ensure the cap is in a ‘locked’ position. Select the appropriate setting for which you will be using the H2O X5. Please refer to the User Manual for use of each setting. If the unit is not steaming and the light indicator has gone from red to green, make sure that the On/Off switch has been pushed into the “on” position or the unit will not begin to steam.

Q.) Do I need to replace or clean a filter?

A.) No, your H2O Mop X5 does not require any replacement of filters.

Q.) My mop stopped producing steam/is producing very little steam, what can I do for this?

A.) Be sure that the unit is disconnected from the power outlet when performing cleaning. Drain the remaining water in the tank and clean the tank after every use. Please use detergent to clean the accessories (jet Nozzle and Round Brush) when they are dirty, then wash with clean water and air dry.

How to decalcify the Water Tank interior:

To clean calcium deposits that build up inside the Water Tank, add one or two tablespoons of white vinegar to a full Water Tank, close the Water Tank cap and shake the contents. Do NOT turn the steamer on.

Do not immerse the H2O Mop X5 in water.

Cleaning procedure to remove lime scale:

  • If your H2O Mop X5 begins to produce steam more slowly than usual or stops producing steam you may need to remove lime scale. Lime scale can develop over time on the metal parts and greatly affect mop performance. It is necessary to remove lime scale on a regular basis, every 25 – 50 tomes you use a full tank of water or a least once a month, especially in areas with hard water. The frequency of lime scale removal depends upon the hardness of your tap water and how often you use the steam mop. The H2O Mop X5 uses tap water. However, in areas with hard water, distilled water should be used for better performance.

Removal of lime scale from the H2O Mop X5 by using scraper:

  • Make sure that the H2O Mop X5 is disconnected from the power supply before maintenance.
  • Use the Cleaning Pin provided with your unit to remove scale deposits from the small hole of the steam outlet in the main Body (see instruction manual for detailed illustration) by swirling and pushing the pin up and down you will clean the steam outlet. Always ensure that all scale debris have been removed from the steam outlet before reassembling. Continue swirling Cleaning Pin until no further debris is evident.

By using cleaning solution:

  • Prepare a solution of ½ white vinegar and 2/3 tap water and add to the water tank.
  • Secure and position the unit to ensure steam released is aimed away from the floor or surrounding objects and surfaces and away from any body part. Plug the unit in, turn the unit ON by pressing the Power Switch (O/I) and allow the unit to produce steam until the vinegar/water solution is used up.
  • Repeat the above procedure as many times as necessary until a normal steam flow rate is achieved.
  • Fill the Water Tank with fresh water and rinse out.
  • Fill the Water Tank with fresh water, attach to the unit and release steam through the system until the Water Tank is empty.

Do not leave the steamer unattended during the lime scale removal process and/or while in use. Perform a test cleaning on a suitable isolated area after each lime scale removal to ensure that there is no debris left in the system.

Cleaning blocked steamer accessories:

  • Due to the high mineral content of water in some areas, you may notice that less steam comes out from the Hand-Held Steamer accessories. This may be caused by calcium buildup inside the tip of the nozzle. How to clean the buildup: We recommend using a spray lubricant. Spray a small burst or two of the lubricant inside the tip of the Jet Nozzle. After spraying lubricant inside the component, fill the steamer with water according to the directions and run a continuous jet of steam through the affected accessory for several minutes to remove the deposit. Once the steam pathway is clear, aim the steamer at a neutral surface or a cleaning cloth to make sure no debris is emitted. We recommend performing this procedure in a protected and well- ventilated area.

Q.) What are the small brushes used for?

A.) The round nylon brush is great for cleaning smooth hard surfaces, such as toilets, sinks, and kitchen counters. The round copper brush is great for cleaning coarse or metal surfaces, such as brick floors, car wheels, metal doors and metal frames, etc. Both brushes can also effectively clean the grease on pans, stoves and ovens in the kitchen. They can be used with soap or detergent to clean dirty areas.

Q.) What is the hose used for?

A.) The hose is used with the Optional Accessories such as the Window Cleaning Tool, Garment Steaming Tool and Duster. To use the Optional Accessories remove the Mop Head by pressing the Lock Button on the Main Body or remove the Jet Nozzle following the same procedure (see user’s guide for detailed information and illustrations). Insert the designated end of the Extension Hose into the designated hole in the Main Unit until it locks in place with the Lock Button on the Main Body (you will hear a clicking sound). Make sure the Extension Hose is securely locked into place before usage. Then you can attach and use either the window cleaning tools (attach Coral Cloth accordingly), the Garment Steaming Tool (attached Microfiber Cloth or Lint Cloth accordingly) or the Duster (attached Coral Cloth accordingly).

Q.) How can I prevent my H2O Mop X5 from leaving puddles of water?

A.) To avoid puddling of water, the Microfiber Cloth must be clean and dry for use. To replace the cleaning cloth, proceed as follows: Let the cleaning cloth cool down, remove cloth from unit, replace with a new Microfiber Cloth and continue use. Select Low steam regulator position for minimal steam.

Q.) What are the different settings for?

A.) 1-Low and 2-Medium are ideal for cleaning all hard floors, such as linoleum, ceramic, marble, wood, etc. 3-High is ideal for cleaning carpets and rugs and 4-Hot Spray Setting is ideal for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, window sills, car wheels, etc. You can change the Steam Regulator position and change the steam output while operating the H2O Mop X5.

Q.) What do I do after use of my H2O Mop X5?

A.) Unplug Power Cord from outlet. Allow Mop Pad/Cloths to cool down and carefully remove cleaning cloth from Mop Head, as cleaning cloth could still be hot. Any water remaining in the Water Tank should be emptied prior to appliance storage. Always empty the Water Tank at the end of each use. Let any water (that may remain as a product of condensation) drain from the steam opening prior to storing the appliance. Wrap Power Cord around Upper and Lower Cord Wrap. Wipe all surfaces of the H2O Mop X5 with a soft cloth. Store in a protected, dry area. Please store the unit in a cool and dry place when not in use. Do not leave it exposed to sunlight or rain.

Q.) I’m having trouble getting the pads onto the mop head, what is the best way to change the pads?

A.) Place the Microfiber Cloth on the bottom of the Mop Head and make sure all the loops on the cloth are aligned with the gripping hooks on the bottom of the Mop Head (refer to instruction manual for illustration), then press the cloth against the Mop Head so the loops on the cloth catch the gripping strips on the Mop Head and hold the pieces together.

Q.) How do I use the H2O Mop X5 on my carpet?

A.) When using the H2O Mop X5 on carpet surfaces: Place the Mop Head, with Microfiber Cloth in place, on top of the carpet glider (see instruction manual for illustration). Do not attempt to use the H2O Mop X5 unit on carpet/rug surfaces without the carpet glider in place.

Q.) How do I wash the H2O Mop X5 microfiber pads/cloths?

A.) When using the H2O Mop X5 on carpet surfaces: Place the Mop Head, with Microfiber Cloth in place, on top of the carpet glider (see instruction manual for illustration). Do not attempt to use the H2O Mop X5 unit on carpet/rug surfaces without the carpet glider in place.

Microfibre cloth care:

  • Machine wash 60 ºC (140 ºF)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use softener


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  1. Helen Bainbridge says:

    My steam mop arrived yesterday and I used it today for the first time. It’s just terrific, worked like a charm and now my floors and tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are just sparkling. Can’t speak highly enough of this machine.

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