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Flavorstone Silver

FlavorStone 5PC Set in Silver

  • All the flavor without the oil
  • Cleans easily with just one wipe
  • Perfectly even heat distribution
  • Highly durable and abrasion resistant
  • Shortened cooking times
  • PFOA-Free surface
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FlavorStone® 5PC Set Includes

The contents of your FlavorStone® set:

  • 1 x 20cm Sauce Pan
  • 1 x 24cm Casserole dish
  • 1 x 28cm Frypan
  • 1 x 24cm vented glass lid
  • 1 x 20cm vented glass lid

20cm Saucé Pan Lid

24cm Casserole Dish & Lid

28cm Fry Pan

FlavorStone® – The versatile non-stick Sapphire™ cookware!

You can now stir fry, deep fry, grill and stove-top bake plus save time and energy with FlavorStone®. Enjoy the natural flavours of your food and consume fewer calories by reducing the need to add butter or oil. FlavorStone® advanced cookware only requires half or less of the usual burner setting on your electric, gas or ceramic hob. It’s so efficient and very easy to clean. No more soaking or scrubbing or having to use unpleasant chemicals, simply wipe clean with a paper towel. FlavorStone® is also dishwasher safe. The gemstone-tough non-stick Sapphire™ coating will help you save time and money and help you to maintain a good and healthy diet full of natural flavours.

flavorstone non-stick pans

Roast, grill, bake, sauté, stir fry, deep fry & more

flavorstone cooking

flavorstone pan


fry pan

fish dish

Turn off the oven – put away the wok

turn off the oven

With FlavorStone®, whether you want to fry, sauté, bake or even accidentally burn it, practically nothing sticks. Now you can cook foods on your stove that you could never attempt before! Make stove-top pizza, lasagne, one pan pot roast and even 60 second quesadillas!

fry Fry

grill Grill

sear Sear

saute Sauté

bake Bake

roast Roast

stir-fry Stir Fry