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Enjoy PFOA Free Non-Stick Cooking!

FlavorChef® has a PFOA Free Non-Stick surface. This means it is not only safe on the environment, but even burnt milk won't stick and ruin the FlavorChef®. Try that with any ordinary pan!

FlavorChef® Heats and Cooks Evenly!

Infrared imaging proves that cooking in a traditional pan means hot spots and that means uneven heat. The FlavorChef® "6 in 1" disperses the heat evenly throughout the surfaces for even cooking and no hot spots!
FlavorChef<sup>®</sup> cleanup is a breeze

Cooking with the FlavorChef®'s 6 in 1 versatility means you will use less pots and pans - and that means less mess to clean up.

Best of all, all it takes to clean FlavorChef®'s PFOA free non- stick surface is a few quick swipes with a wet paper towel. The unique 6 layer construction of FlavorChef®'is specifically designed to heat food evenly without sticking. So this means you get the best tasting meals around, with the easiest clean up you've ever experienced!

FlavorChef® "6 in 1" !

  • FlavorChef® is the perfect non-stick frying pan that sears the tastiest steaks every time, with no added oils or fats!
  • Forget about a rice cooker! FlavorChef® steams fluffy and light - hassle-free! 
  • FlavorChef® delivers you a delicious, crispy, golden brown crust pizza in minutes!  Don't heat up the oven again!!
  • Use the FlavorChef® 6-in-1 to bake all your delicious desserts!
  • You can even use your versatile FlavorChef® with the lid closed to make sensational toasted cheese sandwiches or delicious gooey Panini.
  • Open it flat for a handy dual-surface grill. One side has low edges for easy flipping, while the other has raised edges to keep tasty juices and sauces inside.

FlavorChef® Lets You Cook 2 Ways!

360 degree cooking FlavorChef® acts like a mini-oven, quickly cooking your food from the top, bottom and all around for 360 degree directional cooking when closed.
2 separate cooking surfaces FlavorChef® lays flat to reveal dual non-stick cooking surfaces when opened. This makes FlavorChef® perfect for family meal nights or entertaining guests!

The Ultimate Party Maker!

The FlavorChef® 6-in-1 Cooker is so versatile, you'll wonder how you managed without it! Next time you have guests over for dinner, just think how impressed they'll be when you serve their meals table-side on the FlavorChef®. In the open position you have dual cooking surfaces - perfect if there's a vegetarian amongst you! Use one side for fish and the other for meat. Create meals that will have your guests asking for seconds... and thirds. And the best part is - there's no messy clean-up waiting for you in the kitchen when everyone's gone home.
Dinner Party
Product Dimensions:
  • FlavorChef® unit weight = 3 kg
  • Diameter of cooking interior = 30 cm
  • Depth of cooking interior = 3.5 cm
  • Liquid capacity of cooking interior = 2.75 litres
  • Diameter of flip top grill = 28. 5 cm

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