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The Amazing Non-Stick Flavorstone is BACK! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to clean up after cooking! Why not easily clean your pans and pots with a simple towel swipe? SPECIAL OFFER: Now when you order the Flavorstone™ 24cm Deluxe Deep Pan & 24 cm Saute Pan, you will also receive a FREE 24cm Casserole Pan!

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While Supplies Last Order Flavorstone BLACK Essentials Set w/ FREE Miracle Blades 13pc Set
Flavorstone Essentials Package comes with 28cm Deluxe Deep Pan with detachable handle, 28cm Saute Pan, 16cm saucepan & FREE 28cm Casserole Pan & lid. SPECIAL OFFER: Free Miracle Blades for a Limited Time!!

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The H2O MOP® X5™ with Built-In Portable Steamer is designed not only to thoroughly clean floor surfaces, such as marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor and parquet, but get your entire house clinically clean! SPECIAL OFFER: Save $70!

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HOT PICK Order Flavorchef w/ FREE Deluxe Accessories
With easy-to-use control dials, you can set your recipe's Temperature and Time. You will never overcook or undercook a meal again! Great for dinner parties, FlavorCHEF™ is an absolute breeze to clean. SPECIAL OFFER: FREE 4-Piece Steak Knives and tongs!

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Back in stock for a limited time only! Grab the Abtronic X2 which is the most advanced and user friendly EMS machine in the market! SPECIAL OFFER: Back in stock for a limited time only. So, Don't Miss Out and grab one today.

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Slim n Lift Embrace is the sexy, comfy, lacy shapewear that instantly flatters your figure not matter what body shape. SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time only, order Slim N Lift Embrace in a Beige colour and get one in Midnight Black absolutely FREE

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This incredible Body Shaping system combines Exclusive Cardio, Strength, Core and Power Exercise with Challenging MMA inspired kicks, punches and throws to take home fitness to a whole new level. SPECIAL OFFER: Also includes, 10 Day Slimdown Plan, Workout Calendar, Fitn

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While Supplies Last Order Miracle Blades World Class Series
Miracle Blade World Class Series come in 13 pieces and is also guaranteed for life. We will replace any damaged knife at any time, for any reason, for free, for ever. The last Knives you'll ever need. SPECIAL OFFER: Back in stock for a Limited Time. Be quick, these won't last!

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New low price! Order Ab Doer Twist
You're about to experience an entirely new dimension in body shaping and fat reduction that's unique, versatile, fun and productive. The Ab Doer Twist™ allows you to target all sides of your midsection, including your abdominals and obliques.

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While Supplies Last Order H20 Steam FX
Blast away mold and mildew, make easy work of soap scum and hard water stains and melt away grease, grime and baked on mess with the H2O Steam FX.Steam clean like a professional!! SPECIAL OFFER: Free Delivery for a Limited Time!!

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While the Slim ‘N Lift Infused™ shapewear flatters your figure, it’s also simultaneously treating your skin with nourishing ingredients to smooth, firm and tone. Enjoy smoother skin elasticity through lessening the effect of cellulite. SPECIAL OFFER: FREE Black pair included, when you purchase the Beige pair.

Hot New Product! Order Twist N Joy
Twist N Joy shreds, whisks and froths food and cooking ingredients without using any electricity. It’s a stand mixer, counter top chopper, blender, whipper, foamer, juicer, smoothie maker, meat grinder, ice crusher and more. SPECIAL OFFER: FREE Twist N Joy Mini, Juicer and Whisking Attachment. Also FREE postage included for a limited time.

Two for one! Order Swivel Sweeper G2 (3 x Payments)
Swivel Sweeper G2 is the new & improved floor / carpet sweeper that lets you clean faster than ordinary cordless sweepers. Features 5 great new features: Super Sliders, Touchless Dirt Tray, the Back-Saver Elbow Joint, Non-Slip Rubber Tip & Magnetic Latch. SPECIAL OFFER:
Get 2 For The Price Of 1!!

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The world's first quality carpet uniquely made for your shower or bath tub. Unlike traditional bath mats and other rubber non-slip bath mats, the Drain Away Mat will never stain or fade, form mildew and mould, or develop bacteria. SPECIAL OFFER: Back in stock for a Limited Time. Be quick, these won't last!

New low price! Order Genius Speed Slicer
Genius Speed Slicer is the ultimate countertop slicer that cuts vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese & more, all with lightning speed. You can choose to slice extra thick or even super thin with ease. It even comes complete with a large Seal & Store container.

Two for one! Order Table Mate II w/ Cup Holder
The Table Mate II easily adjusts to fit your body size, the activity you are doing and the chair you are sitting in. Handy and sturdy, it now also comes with a cup holder and will fold down compact enough to slide under your lounge or back in the cupboard SPECIAL OFFER: Just Pay Shipping for the second one.

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BOUNCE is the all new revolutionary hair volumiser, allowing you to have the glamorous full volume hair that you have always wanted without the use of harmful chemicals! The party season is almost here, make sure you look your best with Bounce. SPECIAL OFFER: Massive price reduction to clear some room in our warehouse. Bounce has never been cheaper!

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Three great ab and core muscle workouts in one easy resistance training machine! Build Muscle, Lose Weight, Improve Your Posture and Flatten Your Stomach on the one machine! Includes Workout DVD, Leg Extension Bands and Eat Smart Nutritional Guide FREE! SPECIAL OFFER: No Assembly Required!

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True Sleeper is a mattress topper made from the highest quality, visco elastic memory foam. Placed on top of your normal mattress this exciting new product will give you an instant improvement to your sleeping surface. SPECIAL OFFER: Try this amazing product in your own home before you pay for the product!

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The true sleeper pillow will provide all the comfort and support you need for a quality night's sleep! Providing pressure relieving comfort that conforms naturally to your head and neck while dissipating body heat. SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one get one FREE with FREE Delivery!

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Red Fusion™ heat wraps are the new breakthrough for soothing warmth where and when you need it!  SPECIAL OFFER: We will also include a FREE Iso-Belt, for hands free warmth, as well as two Red Fusion Mini’s, perfect for quick isolated warmth and comfort on the run! Offer includes Free Delivery.

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This is an amazing opportunity to get a Mystery Box from Danoz Direct that contains 4 of our best-selling Must Have Kitchen Items valued at $69.95 for just $29.95 and save $40!!!

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Smooth your stomach, lift your buns and thin your thighs INSTANTLY with the all new Slim & Lift Supreme Jeans! SPECIAL OFFER: For a Limted Time get 2 for just $29.95 with free delivery!!!

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Ultra Compact machine for all levels of fitness it sculpts all the major muscle groups in your body
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